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for peace We will surely not change the world…
… But maybe we will have your day. In Montreal, a big Bed-In for Peace will be held as part of the International Day of Peace.

For the occasion, we are planning a grand opening where we will exhibit the 50 best posters received. One of these posters could be yours!

You could even win the jury’s Grand Prize, worth $ 4,000. The brief is simple: imagine peace. Show us what peace looks like, what it could be, or what it needs to exist. Anything goes as long as your idea fits on a 24 ”x 36” poster.

We received hundreds of posters from around the world, and our jury is now hard at work selecting those to be displayed at the 2017 Posters for Peace exhibition. From those selected, their top pick will receive the CA$4,000 grand prize.

If you can’t make it to the exhibition during the Montreal Bed-In for Peace, stay tuned as the posters will soon be made available for viewing online.